Commissioner Duties

What does a Washington County Commissioner do?


IMG_2568Fiscal Responsibilities 
* Review, adjust and adopt the yearly county budget presented annually by central administration and county departments
* Authorize the levy and collection of county property taxes
* Serve as a board of equalization on disputes regarding appraised property values for taxing purposes
* Authorize applications for funding from the federal and state governments and the subsequent use of those dollars within the county budget
* Adopt and participate in the implementation of fiscal management policies for the county in areas such as investment, budget reserve policy, short-term borrowing, use of bonds and risk management/insurance
* Monitor the overall fiscal health of the county through regular reports of the finance department
* Establish a process for approving the payment of expenses incurred by the county
* Develop and adopt a capital improvement program/budget covering major county expenditures over a series of years

Administrative tasks
* Establish policies and procedures for central administration and departments to meet adopted goals
* Coordinate activities of the county board, central administration and departments with those of independently elected department heads, including the county attorney and sheriff
* Authorize the number of county employees
* Establish salaries and conditions of employment
* Approve a county benefit schedule
* Negotiate and approve labor agreements
* Supervise appointed county administrator
* Oversee the implementation of the county pay equity plan and the county affirmative action/equal opportunity plan
* Review liability issues and take appropriate measures to protect county employees and entities
* Adopt and oversee the process of purchase of equipment and supplies for use by the county
* Establish a plan for the review and evaluation of county services and programs

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