(published by the Pioneer Press)

I’d like to congratulate the Washington County Library Board for offering a new program called “One County – One Book” that will focus the community on a discussion of the importance of civility as outlined in Dr. P.M. Forni’s book, “Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct.”  Going through life rude and angry can make you sick.  Everyone can improve the quality of their lives and relationships by choosing to be more considerate, courteous and polite.  The goal is to inspire positive choices by citizens that result in respect, consideration and tolerance in daily interactions.

The program ended on April 21, 2009 with a community meeting and discussion hosted by the author at the R.H. Stafford Library in Woodbury.  Two hundred copies of the book are available at Washington County libraries.  The book goes beyond etiquette and offers strategies for success in the workplace, which may benefit job seekers.

Lisa WeikWashington County Commissioner, District 5 – Woodbury