Your Advocate

Going beyond the official duties of County Commissioner takes me into the community to connect with citizens to learn your values, goals and beliefs first-hand. I proudly stand on my record of delivering quality public services in a cost-effective manner that has been consistent with your input. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

To echo the title of a new book, we are “all beautifully different”, I have cherished every acquaintance and am excited for what’s ahead. I will lead to gain unity, while rejecting division knowing the concerns of job seekers, senior adults, veterans, business owners, people of color, students, families facing housing insecurity and community leaders. How we manage for change, while honoring and respecting diverse populations, takes time and effort.  I’m the best candidate in the right place at the right time to provide continuity in crisis and build back better as we navigate change and short deadlines ahead.

During my 11+ years in elected office, living and raising my family here for 23 years, I’ve connected with literally thousands of residents, business owners, volunteers, neighbors and community leaders representing diverse backgrounds from every neighborhood in this city. My belief is that our strength comes from our diversity, and better outcomes are achieved from hearing many voices, inclusive of all.

I stand on my record of solid data-driven votes and fierce advocacy using your values as my guide. We can build back better from any adversity with shared viewpoints; resilience via cost-effective public services and prudent investments in infrastructure are key.

I ask to be returned to the County Board in 2021, for what are likely pivotal times ahead.

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